Thursday, April 24, 2014

IHeartJoburg Festival Blows My Mind

Imagine if South Africa could pull off a proper music festival. One of Reading/T in the Park standards. Sure, Rocking the Daisies and Oppi Koppi exist, and they’ve brought out some great bands, but they’re also very limiting. If you’d never heard of Alt J, then you went to Daisies last year simply to get high. If Deftones were too hardcore for you, then you spent all of Oppi rolling around in the mud, because you’d definitely never heard of Yellow Card. 

Then, of course, there was My Coke Fest, and who knows what really happened there. I heard rumbles about sponsorship issues. But while it lasted, they brought some huge names including Kaiser Chiefs, Muse and Jared Leto’s Face – oh, whoops, I mean 30 Seconds to Mars. Curse my living in KZN/ the Eastern Cape in those days. Anyway, Coke Fest hasn’t happened in a good 6 years or so, so they’re pretty much out of the picture. 

Just when I was about to give up hope and move to the UK in time for festival season (I kid. Kind of.), last night happened. I happened to catch a glimpse of a Facebook rumour that none other than Fall Out Boy would be gracing our shores with their presence later this year. Around the same time, a tweet surfaced regarding some kind of reveal on 5FM last night. Currently, I don’t actually think that the two pieces of information were related at all, as I heard nothing on 5FM at all, but a quick sweep of the interwebs did uncover something call Steyn Entertainment. No, I’d never heard of them either. Word on the Twit was that they were organizing some kind of festival in Joburg (IHeartJoburg Festival), which would include 6 international acts, some of which were to announced that very night! Oh boy!

Now imagine me sitting at the John Newman concert, waiting for the support act to come on stage, obsessively refreshing Twitter to find out if any of this was true.

And suddenly it was true! Fall Out Boy were coming! Oh, and Jason Derulo and Jessie J too. Now we wait for the reveal of the last three internationals. Personally, I’m holding out for The Killers, but it’s a long shot. A very long shot. Like, there’s more chance of Johnny Cash coming back from the dead and playing a DJ set at The Assembly this Saturday night. But still, I have hope. 

With plots and plans already in place for a Joburg trip for the 6th of September, I was amazing to find out that tickets are only between R500 and R1000. For 6 internationals plus 6 local acts? I’d pay twice that. 

All together now… “Am I more than you bargained for…”

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