Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Coolest Music Pins

With 12 days left until I board my plane to London, I’m in that annoying phase where I literally. Cannot. Sit. Still. Or I may explode. From excitement. Ohmygosh!

I don’t really know what I want to write about… argh… OK, fine, I’ll write about… no, I really can’t think of anything. This sucks.

Let’s just do top five coolest music music-related things I’ve seen on Pinterest recently.

5) Na - Na- Na- Na- Na- Na- Na: Forgotten the words to ‘Hey Jude’? No worries, this flow-chart ensures you’ll be able to memorise them in about four easy steps. And remember, it always comes down to getting the amount of ‘na’s right…

4) Literal lyrics: I’m pretty sure no one really kissed the left side of Pat Monaghan’s brain, but this cool design is one interesting way to illustrate the lyrics.

3) Lyrics around your neck: Sometimes a song just speaks to you on such a level that you wish you could tattoo it upon your brain – or at least wear it. Well, Etsy has this pretty necklace emblazoned with lyrics by one of my very favourite bands: The Shins.

2) I don’t always dance…: Making fun of the popular meme, who cares if it even makes any sense or not… he’s The Boss!

1) Because you’re mine: Yeah, Johnny Cash is the man, don’t even argue! I love country music and everything associated with it, so I wouldn’t hesitate to have this pink lyric-boot printed and mounted on my wall.

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