Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top Ten Things You Can Only Do At Festivals

As I attempt to assuage my Reading FOMO, I find myself thinking of all the crazy things festival-goers do. Whether it's donning a Superman onesie for an entire weekend, wearing a westuit so that cameras will focus on you during The Vaccines' set, or simply staking out the noodle bar in an attempt to meet All Time Low, festival people are the most interesting of the species.

So I've made a list of the top ten things one can do at a festival that would probably be frowned upon elsewhere. These are real things that I encountered, I witnessed each and every one, and took my own photos. Unfortunately since I needed photographic proof that each actually did happen at this year's T in the Park, so I had to leave off my favourite: relieve yourself on a poster of Liam Gallagher's face - because you always liked Noel better.

In no particular order, then:

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