Monday, September 2, 2013

More Concerts For Cape Town!

A few unfortunate things happened when I went to T in the Park this year. Quite aside from being hit on the head by all those cups of what I certainly hope was only beer, I had to make some pretty tough decisions when it came to what bands to watch. Beady Eye vs Rihanna was an easy one, but others were less so: I could watch all of Bastille's set and then risk being stuck at the back of another stage for Hurts straight after, I could forfeit barrier for The Killers to watch more of Foals... seriously, it was a nightmare.

Whilst I managed to break the Two Door Cinema Curse (don't ask), I did manage to miss 90% of Bastille's set in favour of a barrier spot for Hurts, and I ditched Foals one song in for the love of The Killers. Festivals are, unfortunately, always a trade-off. But never fear, for Cape Town is just as awesome as the UK when it comes to music.

Firstly, rock fans all around the country rejoiced when Ramfest announced Biffy Clyro and Foals would headline in 2014. All bets were on Biffy, but I'd tipped Foals to be at Synergy rather than Ramfest. I'm very excited to see both bands, and definitely need to brush up on my song knowledge so that I'm not that awkward kid who only sings along to 'Mountains' and 'My Number'.

Then today, out of nowhere, Seed Experiences and 5FM magically announce that Bastille are coming! This announcement is completely out of nowhere, and I'm not sure what to do with myself. It's too much all at once! Funny thing is, I hesitated to buy myself a R6 chocolate this morning, but think nothing of spending R1000 on tickets to these concerts. Addicted, you say? Never...

Ramfest tickets here.
Bastille tickets here.

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