Monday, June 23, 2014

Dave Grohl in My Face

Don't let your fangirling get the best of you, but I have some exciting news to share.
Are you ready?
Sitting down?
No hot liquids in your hands?
Here goes:

Dave Grohl's face will officially be making its first appearance in South Africa this December! Can I get a collective "Ahhhh yeahhhhhh!"?
Yes, it's true, Big Concerts have brought out the big guns and gotten Foo Fighters to tour South Africa.
Judging by the reaction on Twitter (as well as my own screams as I drove down Orange Street on my way to work this morning...) people are very excited to finally see the Foos on home soil. It's been years in coming, and finally we'll get to see that famed 3 hour long show, during which DG will astound as with his general awesomeness, and we might all fall into a fingerling coma so deep that work the next day may just not be possible. Book your leave now.

Dave and co hit Cape Town on the 10th of December and Jozi on the 13th. Lucky up-country crowd get a weekend show, whilst us Capetonians have to settle for a Wednesday night at our very own stadium, but nothing, and I mean nothing, can dampen my current excitement.

Yes, I'll be going Golden Circle (and at R960 per ticket, I won't be eating much more than Two-Minute Noodles for the duration of next month - hello credit card) and yes, I'll  be first in line at Computicket this Thursday morning when tickets go on sale.

Find out more at

I'm rather upset with myself for never having blogged about my previous Foos experience, but you can read about the first half of my trip to Reading Festival 2012 (headlined by DG and his boys) here.

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  1. Ahhh... I love your blog! Haha- yes I'm still reading most of the posts! I cannot wait to see this them December!!! So sad I cant get tickets to The Fray though :(