Monday, February 4, 2013

Fall Out Boy Are Back


Fall Out Boy have returned.

Why are you reading this, go back and read the line above.

Are you finished screaming yet?

No, continue then.

Done? Good. OK, so I come home this afternoon to a mildly hysterical digsmate, sprouting some story about Fall Out Boy and a reunion. I immediately take to my computer to do what I do best - creep. I manage to track down some tweets saying something about an announcement at 2pm GMT on some random radio station in Chicago. Hmm, I have a while to speculate then, 2pm GMT is still in... oh, it's in 40 minutes. Just enough time to creep then.

Before long, a tweet from FOB themselves appears saying "the future of fall out boy starts now  " It's a pic of Pete and company burning a bunch of FOB records. They're also in the snow. Huh, seems legit.

Click on the link, check the tour dates... oh my gosh! There's no time for me to get from Cape Town to London for the show on the 25th of Feb, is there? Damn.

Also, I find it rather interesting that this announcement has come mere hours before Reading Fest announces their line up for this year. So if FOB are on that stage, I called it!

Would I really traipse back to the Festival of Mud for a band that I quite liked back in high school? Oh hell yeah, I would! In 2006, there was nothing I liked more than 'Sugar We're Going Down Swinging'

OH AND THERE'S A NEW SINGLE. "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark', and now if iTunes would stop lying to itself and saying I've forgotten my password, I could buy the thing. (Mom, did you disable my iTunes to stop me using your credit card?)

So, new album 'Save Rock and Roll' drops in May. Have fun!

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