Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5Gum Are At It Again

Sigh, another day, another concert announcement. Just when I was losing hope that Big Concerts would ever get on the case with another concert announcement, 5Gum SA decided to spring one on us. You may remember these guys as being the people I vowed never to forgive after I didn't win tickets to Two Door Cinema Club last year, thus starting what I like to call the Two Door Cinema Curse. Yes, they played at Reading, and no, I didn't get to see them. Another person I haven't forgiven is whoever decided it was a good idea to put them at the same time as the FOO FREAKING FIGHTERS. But, as usual, I digress.

So there I sit at my computer at work - promise I was working, I Tweet for a living - when the 5Gum hashtag decides to pop up on my timeline. Hmm, this is cause for an investigation. Of course, because I am so diligent, I left my proper creeping til now, when work was over. Here's what I've got:

- The announcement is next week.
- You have to win tickets again (grr...)
- The ticket competition opens next week.
- The band is award-winning
- Someone - I assume on Twitter - correctly guessed which band it would be.

Oh, how I love the guessing game. And so I trawled through the tweets and made a list of who it could be.

- My guess (no, it was not a guess, my plea) was The Gaslight Anthem*. Add them to the list.
- Many people said Foals. Cool, I've been listening to them and they're legit.
- Kasabian*
- Biffy Clyro
- Fall Out Boy (I'm not even thinking it, don't feel like lying on the floor crying at the moment)
- Alt-J
- The Wombats
- Bombay Bicycle Club* (Oh good lord, shoot me, please, never again!)
- The Postal Service
- Florence + The Machine*
- The Black Keys *

Out of those possible 11, I have seen 5 live before (*), though this does nothing to diminish my excitement for anyone besides Bombay Bicycle Club. The Black Keys seem the most likely at the moment, going by the 'award winning' clue, but they're huge - like second to headliners at Reading huge - so it would be quite a task to undertake.

In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers heavily crossed for my man Brian Fallon and his neck-tattoo, or Pete Wentz and his cronies. Oh, please let me get tickets.

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  1. Pleaassseeee let me know as soon as you do who it is and how tickets can be won! :D hehe :) kthanxbye :P