Friday, March 1, 2013


Some of us are shopaholics - we get into awful debt by spending that money that we don't quite have yet on the must-have pair of sparkly new heels from the Jimmy Choo store down at the Waterfront, and drool over the little black dress in the window of Zara.

Some of us are addicted to video games - we spend hours and hour every night trying to beat our own high score, and our social lives are affected by our inability to drag ourselves away from our computer screens to attend a friend's birthday party on a Friday night.

And then, of course, some of us are fangirls. We fangirls are faced with a whole new range of problems, many of which are downright disastrous. All of these thoughts have run through my head at one time or another, and most have been said out loud, I kid you not. Whilst this started off as a list of outrageous fangirl problems, it's turned into more of a list of ridiculous fangirl quotes. But they're still funny and all true.

1) "My favourite band are going on tour, I'm going to have to go to England again."

2) "I'm really tired, but I can't go to sleep because my favourite band have a live stream." 

3) "What am I going to do if I have a full day job and I can't go queue early for concerts?"

4) "I can't go to that meeting, I have to go queue at 2pm or I'll never get barrier."

5) "No thanks, I can't drink that cup of tea - I have to dehydrate myself on concert days or I'll lose the barrier when I go to the loo."

6) "Great, they decided to play my favourite song at the concert I didn't go to last night, and now I have to use up all my internet watching it on Youtube."

7) "I have such FOMO [fear of missing out] from this Manchester gig ... I should have just sucked it up and gone over to England now."

8) "How much do you think flights to Austria are? They're playing some festival in the snow."

9) "I can't afford food this week, groceries for five days is basically a concert ticket."

10) "An increase? More concert tickets for me!"

11) "They're on the cover of NME? How the heck am I going to get NME here? I'd better get someone in the UK to buy it for me."

12) "My two favourite bands are playing on the same night and I'm going to see them.. I feel like crawling into a ball under my desk and crying."

13) "How dare they play a festival the same night I have tickets to another concert? What do they think this is?!"

14) "There's another concert announcement this week - great, I guess I'll have to walk to work because I can't afford concert tickets and petrol."

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