Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Panic! At The Disco; Top 5 Songs

So after getting over my initial displeasure that Panic! At The Disco were the much-awaited final headliners for I Heart Joburg, I remembered that they sing 'Nine in the Afternoon' which featured in one episode of the second season of Heroes, and then I got excited. So why was I initially so displeased, you ask? Well, because they're a little alternative, electro-rock band from Vegas, they have a little song about Vegas lights, they shoot little videos in the desert and the little fool that leads the band is called Brendan of all things. Basically, they're as close to being The Killers as you can be without being The freaking Killers!!!!! I was so close to seeing my favourite band in my country again and then they whip out the closest thing to them in the world!! It's adding insult to injury, I tell you! Like seeing 'cola' on the menu and then having it be Pepsi instead of Coke. Like, just give me Creme Soda instead FFS! Anyway, this displeasure lead to a temper tantrum at the office, with me basically running around shouting 'Panic! At The Disco' at the top of my lungs, whilst trying not to burst into horrified sobs. When asked what was wrong, I simply replied 'Panic! At The Disco'. I think I was having a breakdown.

Fast-forward a month or two, and I've calmed down a bit (unless someone mentions the video for 'Vegas Lights', then I lose my shit) and I'm forcing myself to listen to the band that I really did like until they offended me by not being The Killers. So let's break down a top 5 - nah, let's be realistic and do a top 3 -  and I'll try to keep my cool:

3) 'I Write Sins, Not Tragedies' - Probably Panic!'s best-known song, it was many people's first taste of Brendan's vocal range, quirky lyrics, and song titles that don't make sense (a-la Fall Out Boy). 

2) 'The Ballad of Mona Lisa' - I swear, I once said that I wish The Killers had written this song. In fact, every time I hear it, I imagine Brandon Flowers singing it into one of those old-fashioned 50s stand-up microphones. Anyway, Brendan and his crew do it pretty well too (I'd expect so, seeing they wrote it). I have a vivid memory of singing it in the car on the way to PE one day back in 2011, when going to PE was the most exciting thing in the world.

1) 'Nine in the Afternoon' - I don't care who tells me what 'I Write Sins...' should be number 1; it should not be! I mean, what even is nine in the afternoon? I don't know, neither does little Brendan Urie I bet, but either way, it's a catchy tune and I love a few nonsense lyrics every now and then. 

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