Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Five: Fall Out Boy

As I Heart Joburg Festival draws ever closer (flights booked, friends bugged for accommodation, and slight panic that omg-the-whole-thing-is-going-to-fall-through initiated), I've set my playlist to nothing but a constant rotation of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco - because in all honesty they're the only acts worth seeing. Anyway, I can sing along to all of Jason Derulo's songs without even trying - all I need to do is belt out "JAAAAAYSOOOOON DERULOOOOO" at random intervals. (I'm just being facetious here, I'm really quite fond of Jessie J too, it's not about the money, money, money and all that, and my friend assures me that Jessie is the only reason she agreed to fork out all those cash monies to join the concert-pros in golden circle. Plus, B.O.B did that song with Hayley Williams. And the one with Rivers Cuomo. Okay, maybe the line-up is good all-round.)

As the playlist on my iPod progresses through the various stages of FOB, I'm left squealing "Ahhh I forgot all about this song" every time "I'm Like A Lawyer..." starts, and positively squeaking over "Sugar, We're Going Down". So what are the top must-listen sing-along faves for the 6th of September? Let's break it down:

5) 'Just One Yesterday' - I know the premise is a little depressing, but I love the title line in this song. Anyone pick up the reference to 'Me & Bobby McGee'? No? Oh well, the band probably didn't either. This song is a little slower and more serious than the FOB we've grown to know and love, but nonetheless it's one of my top.

4) 'This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race" - after many moons spent trying to figure out exactly what tisseenaseenitsaguuhuhsru actually meant ("this ain't a scene, it's a g*d-damned arms race) and many more trying to figure out why this guy is weaving such intricate lies (still haven't got that one down) it became another FOB classic. But if you say this one's your all-time-favourite, I'm afraid the bandwagon's full - please catch another.

3) "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" - it was the moment every Fall Out Boy fan had been waiting for: the reunion. Despite my mother's hilarious suggestion that perhaps the guys had fallen out, die-hard fans never quite gave up hope. And then, on the day of Reading Festival 2013 line-up announcements (I CALLED IT), FOB decided to come back, and they dropped a new single, which just happened to be this one. For that reason alone, it should be on the top 5.

2) "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" - I finished school in 2007, the heyday of this song. For our 'yearbooks' we each had to provide a song quote/title/something to accompany our picture: something that summed up our personalities, or our feelings on leaving school. I went with 'Thanks For The Memories', but unfortunately so did half my year, so I didn't get to use it. Either way, I perfected this song on SingStar, and felt like a boss belting our Patrick's vocals. All together now, "one night and one more time!" and soon we'll be thanking Joburg for the memories. 

1) 'Sugar, We're Going Down' - ahhh, the sweet sounds of 2006! I think my 'Now' CD almost wore out from over play of whatever track number this was. When the times comes at I Heart, I will definitely be falling over a barrier, laying flat at Pete/Patrick's feet and crying. Remember, I'm flying up from Cape Town for this song, and everything else is a bonus. 

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