Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time Travelling Back to 2000

Last night I was at a friend's house, and sometime during the night I heard an extremely familiar song: "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips. I started to smile uncontrollably as I thought back to the days when I heard that song every single day for weeks and weeks on end. In early 2000, a friend and I performed this song in our elementary school talent show, and even 11 years later, every single time I hear the song, it take me back to practicing it in her living room, whilst our mothers watched and assisted us. Why we chose this specific song, I will never know, but some of the lyrics really are quite inspirational: "don't you know, things can change, things will go your way if you hold on for one more day". Whatever challenges we face in life, we can overcome by standing up for ourselves and just breaking free from the chains that hold us back. 

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