Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Pick Of The Week

Now, I know that this may seem like a completely random song selection, but I've just been listening to a certain song, and I'm horrified that I've never blogged about it before. Even better, this band is local, and we all know how important it is to support our fantastic local talent.

Lonehill Estate- Gangstar. Yes, this song isn't exactly new, in fact I heard it for the first time over a year ago, but it is definitely still a winner. Last year, I was on my way to a lecture, listening to 5fm, when I heard a song with the most intriguing lyrics: "She will have a beer, and I think I'll have a milkshake..." Really? The male speaker in the song was volunteering to have a milkshake? Needless to say, I was gripped. Whomever it was that was DJ-ing at the time, said that this song was "Gangstar" by Lonehill Estate. Hold on a second, I knew that name! It was Nathan Ro-who-used-to-be-Jonathan-Ross-who-was-Tim-on-Isidindo's band! Anway, "Gangstar" became a firm favourite amongst my friends and I, and we never cease to squeal a little if we get a reply from the band on Twitter 

Another discovery from 5fm was "Techno Band", an upbeat track, which could be just as at home on the dancefloor as anywhere else. 

Only a few weeks ago, I a friend played me a song called "Skyward", which I recognised, and was humming along to happily for several minutes, before I realised that it was in fact an older Lonehill Estate song, which I clearly recognised from the amount of airplay it had gotten on the radio quite a few years ago. "Skyward" is an absolutely fantastic song, I must say that I am completely addicted! 

Lonehill Estate's music video for their latest single, 'Daans' should be out shortly, and it's bound to be a hit! 

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