Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Sam's Town!

Five years ago today, one of the best albums of the past 20 years was released. Well at least, that's what The Killers' frontman, Mr Brandon Flowers, considers their sophomore effort "Sam's Town" to be, and I must say that I do agree. Hey, it's a cruel world, there's no room for modesty. 

"Sam's Town", named after a Las Vegas casino of the same name, is a sweeping, epic album that combines the band's proudly American roots, with their anglophillic indie rock, and the only word I can use to describe the result is... WINNING. 

"Sam's Town" is my personal favourite album ever, I just find it truly speaks to me in ways that other albums cannot. Although "Day & Age" may have more plays on my itunes, it is "Sam's Town" that always manages to put a smile on my face when I'm feeling down. I purchased this album in September of 2009, and I was immediately hooked on 'Uncle Jonny'. Although no longer one of my favourite tracks, I had this song on repeat for days on end. 

My favourite tracks on the album are 'Read My Mind', which is pure and utter perfection, and 'This River Is Wild', which I consider to be one of the best songs ever written. Now, I am a little bit strange, and don't always relate well to other people, and that is why the line "should I just get along with myself, I never did get along with everybody else, I've been trying hard to do what's right, but you know I could stay here all night, and watch the clouds fall from the sky" has found itself as my Facebook status so many times...

The acoustic version of title track 'Sam's Town' is also a stunner, the band did not perform it when I saw them live, but for some reason the melody always reminds me of the concert that I consider a defining moment in my life. Then there's 'Bones', the video of which always makes me giggle. I mean seriously, Mark Stoermer as a skeleton? Don't tell me you can still be having a bad day after watching that. Oh, and I also enjoy 'Bling', feeling the need to start singing "Higher and higher, we're gonna take it down to the wire" every time I enter a casino. No, I do not know why. 'For Reasons Unknown', 'When You Were Young', 'Exitlude'...sigh, I just love them all.

Today, the Victims united on Twitter to try and achieve a trending topic of #Happy5thBirthdaySamsTown, if you are reading this, spare a few seconds and help us, you would be contributing to what is undoubtedly the best fandom in the entire world. 

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