Friday, August 5, 2011

Being Excited For A Concert I'm Not Going To

Big ups to Big Concerts for organising an international act almost every single month this year! U2, Neil Diamond, Roxette, The Script, James Blunt, Coldplay, Kings Of Leon, and now Josh Groban have or will have all graced our shores by the end of 2011. 

Though I may not be the biggest fan of all of these acts, I still think it's great exposure for the country, and promotes the fact that yes, we are able to handle huge shows such as the U2 360 Tour. I was lucky enough to see The Script, and to currently possess tickets for both Coldplay and Kings Of Leon. Sadly, James Blunt tickets sold out before I managed to make a sneaky enough plan make a roadtrip to the nearest concert venue.

It's been a while since the Coldplay announcement, and thus I thought that it was about time for the next big act to be announced, in fact, I'm not lying when I say that when I woke up this morning I thought that we might get an announcement today, and I was not wrong. In November, Josh Groban will return to the country for shows at Sun City and at the Grandwest in Cape Town. Now, if Josh was going to Durban, I wouldn't have hesitated to get tickets. What, a rock fan such as myself can't like Josh? I beg to differ. While I may not listen to his music on repeat all day every day (with the exception, perhaps, of "Weeping"), I think his concert would provide some relaxed enjoyment, and be a good chance of pace from the screaming, fangirling, barrier crowds that I've grown to accustomed to. 

Anyway, regardless of the fact that I'm not going, I'm still excited for these concerts, and it seems I'm not the only one. When pursuing Big Concerts' Facebook wall - as I do more often than I'd like to admit- one sees a lot of people begging for the promoters to bring out their personal favourite band or artist. Now, I'm not one to judge these people, I spammed Big Concerts constantly about Coldplay for what was probably almost a year, however, when someone who isn't quite my cup of tea comes to the country, I prefer to keep my distaste to myself. Some people, however, feel the need to ruin it for the rest of the fans by posting comments along the lines of "dey suck", "w0rst band eva", and, well, you get the picture. However, I've hardly seen any negative comments on the Josh Groban announcement! Those who haven't said that they have their tickets already have said that it's great for his fans. This leads me to the conclusion that there is just something to downright likable about Josh that even the meanest of metalheads have trouble finding an insult to throw his way!

So, now that we concerts taking place in both October (Coldplay and KOL) and November (Josh), the big question is whether or not we'll get someone in December. Personally, I'm still holding thumbs for The Killers... (but not really)

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