Monday, August 29, 2011

Opinions on the VMA's

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and I guess that means we're about to witness a stream of awards shows, each claiming to decide on the best of the best in world of music over the past year. I'm not a huge fan of awards shows, many of them seem to choose winners based on who the most influential performers are, rather than based on the merits of the actual song in question. (Please understand that these are my personal opinions and that I have nothing against Lady Gaga at all).

I present last night's MTV VMA's as an example of this syndrome. Lady Gaga (dressed as a man, might I add) took home the award for 'best video with a message' for 'Born This Way'. Now, whilst I understand that the message in the song is great and everything, the video depicts Gaga giving birth to a new race, of, well, Gaga's, and I for one find this mildly disturbing at the very least. In my own humble opinion, Pink's 'F***ing Perfect' should have received this award, or even Katy Perry's 'Firework'. 

I am also shocked to the core that the immensely talented Foster The People did not win the award for 'best new artist', which went to someone called Tyler The Creator, whose twitter username is "@fucktyler". Really? 

On a happier note, I must say that I am absolutely thrilled for Beyonce and Jay-Z, who announced that they are expecting a baby! The child is sure to be extremely talented, and may just outdo even the likes of Suri Cruise for Celebville's most adored tot. 

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