Thursday, August 4, 2011

Signs You Might Be A Fangirl (part ii)

  • You know in-jokes related to your favourite band: A true fangirl is so deeply embedded in fan-culture that they are able to share a unique sense of humour with other fans. For example, if you're a Coldplayer, you'll know all about the LOLdplay movement, which now centers on Jonny Buckland's fan-made obsession with cake. If you're a Victim, you're likely to snort with laughter when Mark Stoermer tweets about being at the airport. My status: both of the examples, was well as countless others, apply to me.

  • You've joined a forum related to your favourite band: This doesn't have to be an official fanclub, just somewhere where you can discuss all the latest news about your favourite band, find pictures, post articles, and just generally chat to other fans. Bonus points if you find yourself the admin or moderator of a forum, or if you've started a street team. My status: My fangirling status seems to be re-enforced by every single point I make...

  • You have a username related to your favourite band: While is quite unlikely, it is perfectly acceptable to use a reference to a song or a lyric as your username on sites such as twitter. It's also a great way to let other fans know instantly that you're one of them. My status: I'm a standard "Fairycat101" everyone on the internet, and for the information of my dear friends, my facebook password it not "brandonflowers".

  • You can relate literally everything back to your favourite band, and I mean everything! A whole array of every day items could be a trigger for a serious fangirl spasm, you are likely to smirk or snort with laughter, and anyone around you is likely to cast an odd look in your direction. If seeing a clock will remind you of the Coldplay song, or when you're unable to glimpse a picture of a flamingo without lapsing into a fit of giggles because you're thinking of your favourite man's debut solo album, you know you've got it bad. My status: guilty as charged!

  • You bring your favourite band's lyrics into everyday conversation. When you refer to travelling to any location in a roughly southerly direction as "going back down south now”when you talk about someone who has left the room as being "long gone and moved on”2, or you jump at the chance to squeal "dark clouds roll their way over  town!!!!”3every time you see bad weather approaching, you're probably a fangirl. Be warned, once again, anyone in the vicinity is likely to think that you're losing touch4... ah man, I just did it again! My status: I can no longer say the word "waterfall", it's now "wa-a-a-a-aterfall”5
1: Kings Of Leon- Back Down South. 2: The Script- Long Gone and Moved On. 3: Brandon Flowers- Crossfire. 4: The Killers- Losing Touch. 5: Coldplay- Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

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