Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Disappointment Left, Right, and Center

Some say that certain people get so involved in bands (in other words, become fangirls) because a band is unable to cause you pain, the way a "real person" might. Let me be the one to inform you that this is completely untrue! 

All of the issues with Kings Of Leon, who have now cancelled their entire US tour, have led to some serious worries about whether or not the South African leg of the tour will go ahead as planned. Big Concerts has assured everyone that it will, and for now things seem on track, but one just never knows what happens closer to the time. Personally, I'm more concerned about potentially not seeing them than I am about the money I'd lose on the flights I've booked. But for now, let's be positive and hope that all goes according to plan, and that on the night of the 29th of October I will be screaming my lungs out to "Pyro", "Charmer" and "Back Down South". 

Now onto the next let-down: I am unfortunate enough to live in a tiny town that gets very, very few live concerts. One of these rare gems was to take place this Friday night, and the thought of seeing the band was the only thing getting me through this week. Just a few minutes ago, the band announced that they've had to cancel the show due to "circumstances beyond their control". Sigh. I don't know what the reason is, so I'm in no position to assign blame or to make any kind of comment on the cancellation, but I can say that I'm sad about it. No angry, not annoyed, I'm not currently building a bonfire in which to burn their CD's, but I am just sad.

The next band gracing the town with their presence perform on the 17th of August, ah well, only a few more weeks till I get get my fix...

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