Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Newly Discovered Gem

During one of my twitter creeping session- they're frequent- I saw someone I follow mention a band called 'The Gaslight Anthem'. What an odd name for a band! However, I've recently become much more open-minded towards oddly-named bands, and thus decided to acquire a sample of this band's music, and I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I heard.

One song in particular that really struck me is called "The '59 Sound". It may just have been the name that made me listen to the song in the first place (I'm a huge fan of the '50s, but I will elaborate on that another time), but I've had the song for about 24 hours and it has already been played 11 times. I swear that's more than I played the new Coldplay single the first day I got it! 

"The '59 Sound" is really quite a sad song if one listens to the words properly, it seems to deal with the theme of death, perhaps by car accident. Somehow though, it is not a depressing song, and it is so catchy that I have been singing it all day, probably to the detriment of the formal presentation I gave in class this morning, but oh well! My favourite line goes 'did you hear the '59 sound, coming through on Grandmama's radio...", there I go with that '50s obsession again! 

As I'd never heard of this band before yesterday, I am going to assume that they are very alternative. Their songs are upbeat, and they have quite a distinctive sound, which is rather different to the music I usually listen to, I guess I'm expanding my horizons! Now, before I become Too Indie To Live, I think I'll go listen to some Coldplay for the rest of the night....

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